August 09, 2021

Are You Looking For Eco-Friendly Resources For Your Next Room Renovation?

Explore revolutionary, reusable wall coverings!

If you’re shifting towards a healthy, more eco-conscious lifestyle, Innocovers crafts wall coverings are perfect for the job.

Ditch harmful VOCs that traditional paint leaves behind, and embrace organic and recycled materials that cover your space in a chic and unique aesthetic.

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Innocovers

All Natural Product

Did you know that our indoor air is more polluted than outdoors? From synthetic fragrances found in household cleaners to synthetic materials that off-gas harmful particles, the air we breathe isn’t always the healthiest.

When you opt for Innocovers, you get a product that is all natural and clean!

A forest of trees.
Interior of a bright and clean home with a lot of plants.

Odorless and Non-Toxic

Not only do we use recycled materials from paper and cotton to reduce our environmental impact, but you can feel good about these products not sitting in a landfill long after their use!

Innocover is easy to apply and repair for an amazing eco-friendly look.

Repairable and Reusable

The beauty of Innocover is that you can always repair and reuse your wall covering, so if you get a spill on the wall or a child decides to make it their new art canvas, you can easily repair it. 

See how easy it is in this video tutorial.

A forest of trees.

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