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Innocovers is a green company which provides innovative wall coverings to help you simply protect and glamourize your space. The product has been created from recycled paper and cotton sheets which contributes to social responsibility. Essentially, all the materials used are natural and toxic-free. The insulating materials maintain the temperature of your space in maximum time, therefore, during winter the temperature remains warm while during summer the temperature is kept at a moderately cool level.

Innocovers are:

  • Anti-flammable, recyclable, soft & richly textured
  • Energy efficient, breathable, easy to install
  • Repairable, reusable, odorless
  • Features a wide variety of colorful designs & shapes
  • Thermally insulated, sound acoustic
  • Cost-effective, no preparation needed
  • Luxury DIY products

Made with 100% natural, recycled materials


100% Made In Canada

Easy to apply without damaging

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Environmentally friendly

The Most Innovative Wall Covering On The Market

Our product is designed to reduce the use of harmful paints and wallpapers that are not only toxic to humans but to our environment since a great number of greenhouse gases are produced.

Innocovers also contribute to sound insulation, which means preventing any echoing. Innocovers will create a comforting feeling in your life as it is working to create a safer environment for you and your family.

Why Paint When You Can Innocover?

Paint is a complicated material to work with. It requires preparation, it dries out easily, and it’s really tough to remove. It damages your walls and is frequently toxic to your health, not to mention the environment. 

With Innocovers, you get the freedom to create your own work of art on your wall. A glorious sunset, an abstract painting, or just a simple one-color wall created out of materials that are good for the environment and 100% recycled, made in Canada and shipped to your door. Just add water and you’re on your way to creating your new wall masterpiece.

Thrive With Innocovers

Purchasing from Innocovers will give you the chance to live a stress-free life as our product is resistant to many things. It is organic, chic, and easy to repair. You can enjoy a healthy, rich, and beautiful environment at a reasonable price. Innocovers generate a space where you can feel warm, relaxed, and cozy. Our product is different in its colors and pattern options. It enables you to realize artistic applications on your walls and ceilings in an unlimited and unique way.  People spend most of their time at home, so why not create a gorgeous surrounding to look at every day?

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