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Interior design

Innocovers wallcovering will allow you to design your wall with any preferable style, one being 3D shapes. You will be able to create the best designs for any age group, and if desired you may design any feature wall for your commercial or residential place. Innocovers will bring the best luxury look to your space.


Installation service

Our professional skilled team can apply any possible and desirable design for your interior spaces. Extra charges apply depending upon your design. Contact us for a free estimation.


Purchasing from Innocovers will give you the chance to live a stress-free life as our product is resistant to many things. It is easy to repair, organic, and chic. You can enjoy a healthy, rich, and beautiful environment at a reasonable price. Innocovers generates a space where you can feel warm, relaxed, and cozy. Our product is different in its colors and pattern options. It enables you to realize artistic applications on your walls and ceilings in an unlimited and unique way. People spend most of their time at home, so why not create a gorgeous surrounding to look at every day.

Instructions and Tutorial


1. Add a bag of Innocovers in a clean container (depending on your order, if glitter is needed cut the package and add it to the container and mix the dry product thoroughly).

2. Add 6 Liters of room temperature water, mix with your hands while pouring water (you can add more water if needed).

3. Continue mixing for 3-5 minutes until the product results in a paste-like form.)

4. Wait for about 20 minutes (the product could stay out for up to 24 hours).

5. Start applying by using a plastic trowel with your dominant hand while you pick up some product with your non-dominant hand

6. Use the plastic trowel at an angle of about 10 degrees to smear the Innocovers on the wall at a consistent pressure with a maximum thickness of 2 mm

7. Drying time is 24-48 hours at normal room temperature depending on the air circulation of the space.

8. To watch the tutorial video on how to mix or apply the product please refer to our website/YouTube at Innocovers.


Materials needed for 30-35 SF:

  • One package of Innocovers
  • A Clean container
  • 6-7 liter of water
  • Plastic Trowel


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