Instructions and Tutorial


1. Add a bag of decorative innocover into a clean container.

2. Mix with hands thoroughly by adding 8 L of room temperature water. (Measurements of the water and mixture  ratio can vary)

3. After waiting for 20 minutes, the mixture should result in a paste-like form. (If the mixture is too dry continue to add …ml of water until it results in a paste-like form)

4. It is applied to the surface of your choice with a trowel with a maximum thickness of 2 mm, then allow to dry  (drying time may vary depending on the current seasonal conditions. Complete drying is provided in 48 hours at  22° C in a good air circulation room.)

(Note: 1 pack of SRW can be applied to a 30-36SF area.)


Materials needed for 30-35 SF:

  • One package of innocovers
  • A Clean container
  • 6-7 liter of water
  • Plastic Trowel

Your Opportunity

Purchasing from Innocovers will give you the chance to live a stress-free life as our product is resistant to many things. It is easy to repair,  organic, and chic. You can enjoy a healthy, rich, and beautiful environment at a reasonable price. Innocovers generates a space where you can feel warm, relaxed, and cozy. Our product is different in its colors and pattern options. It enables you to realize artistic applications on your walls and ceilings in an unlimited and unique way.  People spend most of their time at home, so why not create a gorgeous surrounding to look at every day.

Innocovers Strengths

  • Repairable: Innocovers assures you that you can always fix your own mistakes.
    Can be applied on any surface: no need to stress about any preparation since our product is applicable anywhere at any time.
  • Odorless: Don’t have to put up with any toxic smells as Innocovers is completely odorless.
  • Highly Resistant: Helps prevent defects such as cracks, holes, scratches, and patches on your walls, and protects rotting and dampness by allowing your walls to breathe.
  • Fire resistant
    Variety in color: Our product has a mixture in all sorts of different shades and colors (more than 80 colors).
  • 100% natural color 0 VOC
    Covers the seams and gaps
    Excellent Coverage
  • Easy to install: Quick installation
    A free consultant from team members


  • INNOCOVERS cannot be installed on wet surfaces such as showers or the exterior of the house.


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