Pricing: USD

  • A bag of Innocovers is 2LB.
  • It comes in the form of a dry mixture Bag size: 15” x 18”.
  • It covers 30-35 SF. After applying it takes 24 H- 48H to dry.

Full Description

Innocover’s eco-friendly product has been created from recycled paper, cotton and essentially all materials used are natural and toxic-free. One package (15”x18”) of this dry and soft mixture is 2LB and will cover any surface from 30-35 SQF. It is recommended that for a normal-sized wall, about 11ft by 8ft, you will need about 3 packages. It doesn’t matter whether your wall is rough-textured or covered in holes because with your purchases you will be able to create your perfect and comfortable surroundings. After applying, it will take between 24 hours- 48 hours to dry. For a complete tutorial, please watch our videos on our blog or youtube channel at Innocovers.

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