What Makes Innocovers Better Than Paint? Our Innocovers Benefits

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When was the last time you found a wall covering that was easy to apply, organic, made of recycled materials, chic, and offered endless application options? These are just a handful of the benefits offered by Innocovers — the wall coverings that allow you to unleash your creative potential.

Our Product Covers: Glass, Wood, Brick, Cement, and More

Innocovers’ unique design and proprietary formula easily covers virtually any surface, including drywall, brick, concrete, glass, wood and more!

photograph of family playing in room that needs an Innocover
 graphic drawing of cotton plant

Innocovers Can Be Removed in Small Patches For Repair Using Only Water! 

Innocovers are made with a blend of recycled paper and cotton sheets, and are as easy to repair as they are to apply. You can even, easily remove minute patches of your Innocover and easily apply more if any areas get damaged.

Unlike Paint, Innocovers Don’t Dry Out When Left Overnight 

Innocovers won’t dry out if you need to leave them overnight. You can return to them when you’re ready to continue applying your Innocover and simply continue where you left off!

photograph of bucket of paint and roller on ladder
 photograph of bedroom with exposed brick wall

Innocovers are Completely Removable, Leaving Your Original Wall Damage Free

Innocovers are easily and completely removable, so if you decide that you’d prefer having that exposed brick wall in your bedroom or glass windows restored to their original condition, you can easily remove the Innocover without fear of damage to your wall, window, or any other surface you’d like!

The benefits of Innocovers are easy to see and understand, but we know that you’ll enjoy them the most by trying them yourself! Innocovers are the exciting new alternative to paint or wallpaper, and they allow you to get creative and customize your own walls in an environmentally responsible, eco-friendly style.